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How To Get Involved

identify how you want to help your community.
Apply in writing/email what you or your group would like to do. i.e. is it a Health, Education or Welfare initiative?
AREF will contact you with a view to reshaping your proposal or idea if necessary. The final proposal will be made assessable to those we believe would be in a position to fund you.

AREF with other collaborating organisations will monitor, evaluate and provide a feedback platform between the funding and recipient parties.

Recipients must be able to show some measure of positive outcomes in order to receive further encouragement from would be funders. We don’t want to be being primarily concerned with disbursing funds; we are more interested in strengthening the outcomes.

The Corporate community, individuals and larger establishments that may be interested in funding local development programmes and initiatives under Education, Health and Welfare parameters will have an opportunity to do so once it meets their funding requirements or social passions.